Unshakable Heart

Mark Lee

The debut EP from Mark Lee; Recorded at The Rockporium in Canton, Georgia. Produced by Scotty Wilbanks. Released May 25, 2018

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This world has got a nasty habit 

Man I’ve had it  

With the way it brings me down 

I’m sick of how it tries to tempt me 

Leaves me empty  

Like the way I’m feeling now 

Where do I go 

I already know 

How to feel alive 

How to feel alive 

Your Word is like a river 

Rolling deep inside 

Bringing me new life 

That’s how to feel alive 

I’m diving like a deep sea diver 

One desire 

Finding precious pearls of truth 

There’s nothing else that really matters 

It’s all I’m after 

Every good thing comes from You 

You told me so 

Yeah This I know 


Just speak to me 

Can’t get enough 

You’re all I need  

Come fill me up…that’s 




 Thought I could make it on my own

Out in this desert far from home

I was a stranger to the light

You came and opened up my eyes

Your love has never let me down before 

It's never let me down 

Your love has never let me down 

When I'm stuck in the middle of doubt 

When I can't seem to figure it out 

My soul reminds me

Your love will find me

Though I walk through the valley of death

There's a hope that won't let me forget

My soul reminds me 

Your love will find me 

One thing I've learned when you are near 

The darkness seems to disappear

The shadows always run and hide 

When faced with glory burning bright

Your love has never let me down before  

It's never let me down  

Your love has never let me down 




Sometimes a moment hits you like a sucker punch 

Life is too fast to get out of the way 

Sometimes it feels like you're frozen in the headlights 

Hopes and dreams scattered over the place 

Tried to get up, got some news that knocked me down 

Knew that life would never be the same 

It was a good year, of holding tight and letting go 

I can't believe it's all been taken away 

Goodbye, happily ever after, place you up on the shelf 

Or could my wishes and my ambitions lead me to somewhere else? 

Lord, I know that the dreams you have are greater than all of my little plans 

So I'll keep walking on Hurt Road 

Life is crazy when you're busy living it 

Looking back you see it's part of his plan 

Capture moments like fireflies in a jar 

The perfect ending is out of your hands 

I've never walked alone 

I'm thankful for Hurt Road