1. Hurt Road
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Sometimes a moment hits you like a sucker punch
Life is too fast to get out of the way
Sometimes it feels like you're frozen in the headlights
Hopes and dreams scattered over the place

Tried to get up, got some news that knocked me down
Knew that life would never be the same
It was a good year, of holding tight and letting go
I can't believe it's all been taken away

Goodbye, happily ever after, place you up on the shelf
Or could my wishes and my ambitions lead me to somewhere else?

Lord, I know that the dreams you have are greater than all of my little plans
So I'll keep walking on Hurt Road

Life is crazy when you're busy living it
Looking back you see it's part of his plan
Capture moments like fireflies in a jar
The perfect ending is out of your hands

I've never walked alone
I'm thankful for Hurt Road