It would probably be the last play of the game. All the Saints had to do was tackle the Vikings in bounds and it was over. Even when quarterback Case Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs, this last play was probably a formality. Bring him down and the Saints are in the NFC Championship.

Knowing this, Saints safety Marcus Williams totally sold out, trying to make the play that would end the game. But then the unthinkable happened. Williams missed the tackle. He was the last line of defense – no one else was there to back him up. Stefon Diggs trotted into the end zone, ending the game and the Saints’ season in one of the wildest finishes in playoff history.

I hate to break it to you, but life works like that more often than we’d like to admit it. We sell out and dive for a goal, only to miss the mark. Next thing we know the other team is dancing in the end zone and the season is over.

After the game, Williams received a lot of criticism and became the brunt of many a cruel joke. But he seems to be handling it really well. He took to Twitter and said that he wouldn’t let this moment define him: “I won’t let one play define what kind of player or man I am or will be.”

He is so right. Your lowest moments do not define you. God uses them to refine you. Like fire burns away the dross revealing the precious metals underneath, God uses our missed tackles and lost games and failure to make us stronger, ready to tackle the next challenge life throws our way. That’s what moment-by-moment faith is all about – placing yourself in a position where God can do his refining work on you.

I’m sure Marcus Williams is going to get back up and keep fighting. I will too. So should you. I’m rooting for Marcus. And I’m rooting for you too.