“Whenever I go out to kick a ball, the ball never asks how old I am. And the goalposts, they could care less.” ~ Matt Bryant, 42 year old kicker for the Atlanta Falcons

I picked up my violin the other day and tried to bust out a couple of tunes for my kids. I totally remember how to play it – how to hold the bow, where the notes are, and all that – but the muscle side of it is totally gone. My kids literally covered their ears. It was awful.

That’s what getting older is like in a lot of ways. Mentally you still remember how to do things, but physically your body just doesn’t want to cooperate. I am too old to do a lot of things for sure. Too old to pole vault in the Olympics. Too old to try out for the Atlanta Braves.

But there’s one thing I am never too old for, and that is to be used by God.

I love the quote above from Falcons kicker Matt Bryant. The goal doesn’t care how old you are. And you know what? God doesn’t care either. In fact, I’ll go one further. He would rather use somebody that doesn’t make sense, because that shows God’s power over human strength.

When it comes to working through people, God seems to have a sense of humor. He rarely seems to go with the obvious choice. He didn’t pick the strongest man in Israel to fight Goliath. He chose David. He didn’t pick the bravest man to lead face down Pharaoh. He chose Moses.

And age is literally just a number for God. He used Adam until he was 930 years old. Methuselah lived to be 969. Sarah gave birth to Isaac in her 90’s. And Noah wasn’t just old when he built the ark – it took him 120 years to build it.

So stop saying you’re too old. There is no such thing as old when it comes to being used by God. There’s no such thing as retirement. There are no has beens in God’s kingdom. There’s only faithfulness.

Instead of focusing on your limitations, focus on God. Ask him to give you opportunities to be used. Ask him to show you big and small things you can do. Ask him today.