I’ve been doing this thing for the last couple of years. I take my kids to school, then come home, get out a notebook or fire up a journaling app on my iPad, then write down everything that’s on my mind.

Honestly, a lot of what I write are things that I’m mad about. One day I’m mad that it’s still early in the morning and it’s cold outside and I’m not still in bed. Another day I’m mad that projects I’m working on aren’t moving along faster than they are. Or I could still be mad about a conversation I had the day before, or still dwelling on getting cut off in traffic. You get the idea.

If I admit it, the things that I’m mad about are really things that I’m worried about. I’m worried about getting older. I’m worried about my kids and if they’re going to be OK. I’m worried about providing for my family. By writing it down, I get all the things I’m worried about out of my mind and on the page. This is freeing for sure, but it’s more than that.

A funny thing happens when I keep on writing and getting these things out there on the page. Over time, I see things that I’m worried about turn into things I’m praying about. My journal turns into a prayer journal. And if I keep doing this long enough, I start to see some of these prayers get answered. Things that used to anger and worry me now give me reason to praise God because I can literally see right there on the page where he’s answered my prayers.

If I do this faithfully, I will literally see a transformation happen before my eyes. My journal of rants and ravings, hopes and fears, turns into a prayer journal and then turns into a gratitude journal. And the most amazing thing happens. Looking back at older entries, it’s almost like I can see God’s hand writing his story next to mine.

If you write things down, it’s easier to stop worrying about your life and start praying about it.