“Make God’s glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast.” ~ Isaiah 42:12

We have the unbelievable privilege and responsibility as image bearers of Christ’s glory in the world. This also works in the area of worship. God’s glorious act of creation didn’t just involve light; there was a sound element at play as well. He spoke the universe into being with four words. Every act of worship is an echo of that.

Around the time we put out the first Offerings project, we got a lot of questions about worship. The biggest one was “How are you guys able to transition from rock music into worship music?” We would always respond by saying that we always have had a section of our show where we would do worship music.

All that is true, but both the interviewers’ questions and our answers were missing the point. Worship is not a style of music. It’s a response with our lives to the incredible things God has done in our lives. The style of music and the section of a church service we call “worship” is just a small aspect of that response.

Worship starts with God. Everything good and beautiful about this world is an echo of a good and beautiful creator. If he ceased loving us and singing over us, there would be nothing to echo back. The whole thing would be over.

Our job is to respond to his greatness, both because he is worthy of it and because that was what we were created to do. Jesus said that if the people didn’t praise the Lord, the rocks would literally cry out instead. As cool as that would be to witness, that should never happen. We should live lives of worship that echo the great things our God has done.