While I’ve dabbled in blogging since 2001, it was ten years ago to the day that I began blogging in earnest. That blog was called This Guy Falls Down. It started out talking about a little bit of everything, from sports to books to music to technology.  This was during the pioneer days of blogging, when everybody was trying to figure it out, and the main purpose of the medium was (gasp!) to have fun. When you mentioned that you had a blog, the usual response was “What’s that?”. (Nowadays the response is usually “What’s it about?”)

I shut that blog down at the end of 2008. There was a lot going on then. My daughter Kitty was an infant. Twitter and Facebook seemed to be taking over the space that previously had been dominated by blogging. Most importantly, my blogging service provider made a massive overhaul, and I just didn’t have the heart to relearn everything. All these factors combined made me shut the blog down and focus, for a season at least, on Twitter, Facebook, and Posterous. Looking back, I think I might have been on to something before I closed up shop.

I mentioned in my reboot post that I feel like I’m chasing after something I’ve been missing over the last several years. Before I was in a rut, it was something else. For lack of a better word, I think it’s being in a groove. The last time I felt like I was in a groove, in the productivity sense of the word, would have been circa 2005. I was writing a lot of songs and was mostly pleased with the results. I was blogging consistently. Most importantly, I was in the habit of journaling. And I am convinced that journaling is the habit on which all others are built (more on that in a separate post).

So, I’m blogging again, largely in the interest of getting my groove back (whatever that means!), but also for something more. I don’t want this to merely be a self-indulgent exercise in introspection. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that a successful blog is about the reader at least as much as it is about the writer. To that end, I hope that I can share a few things that I’ve picked up along the way that can help you out. Being a creative, I look at the world just a tad differently than most. And when I get stuck I try to read my way around the problem. So I’ve read a TON of books and articles on the creative process. Maybe I can share a few lessons I’ve learned the hard way, and in doing so save you some time and help you avoid some of the same mistakes that I’ve made. If you’re not a creative person, don’t fret – this isn’t a creativity blog per se. I’m just giving you a sense of the angle I’m coming from. And hopefully, in this crowded world of type-A, left brained, inbox zero kind of blogs, my little blog can find its own niche.

So, realizing the significance of the occasion, being exactly ten years removed from the beginning of my favorite and most successful blog, I’ve decided there would be no better way to celebrate than for this guy to fall down. Again.