Do you remember what you were doing four years ago today?

Four years ago, on Leap Day, I wrote a blog post and issued a little challenge. Make some plans and set some goals that are so big, they might take four years to complete them.

If you did it, I’d love to hear how it went for you.

As for me, I set the goal of completing big literary project. I didn’t use the word “book”, because I wanted to leave myself open to other things that might materialize. If I’d done a blog or ebook, I didn’t want it to be considered a failure because it wasn’t a traditional book.

But it ended up being a book. And ironically, or not, I finished the latest version exactly four years to the day of setting that goal. Now granted, it’s not done – I’m sure there will be another round or two of edits. But it’s pretty crazy how that worked out.

OK, for this Leap Year, I’m going to throw out two ideas. Do one or the other. Or do both if you choose.

1) Set a big goal that might take you four years to accomplish. Get to it. And check back in with me in four years. This is what I did last time.
2) Write a letter to yourself in four years. It could be one where you speculate where you are and what you are up to in your 2020 existence. Or you could choose to write a time capsule of everything going on in your life right now so that your 2020 self can go back and reminisce.
3) Be sure to check back in with me. I’d love to hear how things went for you. (Of course we might all be communicating via telepathy by then, so you might not have to go to my blog. But I’m sure we’ll find each other!)