Last week I ran a little interview on the blog with the hopes of getting to know you a little bit better. Also, I want to make sure that what I wanted to write lines up with what you guys are wanting to read.

While the answers themselves didn’t necessarily surprise me, they weren’t even close.

What especially encourages me is the level to which you and I seem to be on the same page.

  • By overwhelming majority, you guys are on Facebook more than Twitter.
  • By a landslide, Max Lucado is your favorite author, with C.S. Lewis coming in at a distant but significant second.
  • By a mile, you read traditional books more than electronic books.
  • And by a wide margin, you read nonfiction more than fiction.

There seemed to be quite a few requests for more reviews and music-related posts. Specifically, there were requests for more behind-the-scenes Third Day content. I will try to offer some more reviews of books and movies. Music will be a good jumping off point for talking about other topics, so duly noted.

For those who are wanting more Third Day content, be sure to check out the band tour page. I write most of the show blogs there! Also, we have an exciting new endeavor we’re about to unfurl that will provide loads of behind-the-scenes content. Details to come!

Finally, I had a few responses from the Mark Lee 101 post. Many wanted the opportunity to do a list of their own. I think that’s a GREAT idea. So here goes:

Use the comments section to list 21 things about yourself. Or if that’s too long, do a list of 10. Or 8. Or 1. However involved you want to get. Just make a list that you think will help others get to know you.