Normally I send out a weekly update to my email list. Since I emailed an announcement about my book this week, I thought it might be fun to post my update here instead. Wait – you’re not on my email list? Let’s go ahead and fix that! Sign up RIGHT HERE.

Here’s what I’ve been kicking around the last week:

1. St Patrick’s Day – Beyond shamrocks and leprechauns and all the green, what I love about St. Patrick’s Day is the nod we all give in the direction of the rich and layered spiritual tradition of Ireland.
Here is a clip of Irish philosopher-poet John O’Donohue reading “Beannacht”, a poem he wrote as a blessing for someone dealing with loss. The words are dark, and the tone is a little bleak, but I cling to these words when I’m going through hard times.
2. HURT ROAD IS HERE! – This week I announced that my book HURT ROAD will be releasing this fall with Revell Books. Preorder yourself a copy! (Pro tip: if you buy the paperback on Amazon, you can then buy the Kindle version for $2.99. Who doesn’t love a BOGO?)
3. Beatles Live – There’s a new Beatles live album (sort of!). For Ron Howard’s 2016 documentary, a Beatles live album from the ’70’s was remastered. The original was almost unlistenable for the noise. The remastered version is a great snapshot of a working band at its prime.
4. Brian Eno – I love listening to ambient music, and Eno in particular, while working or driving. This article about Brian Eno’s new record captures the essence of what he’s all about like few other things I’ve read.
5. Craig Barnes – I received his book Hustling God as a gift last week and have been reading through it. This examination of the restless striving of modern Christians through the lens of Jacob is a timely one. Definitely worth a read.
6. Daniel Bashta – My buddy Daniel, writer of “God’s Not Dead” has a new live record out and it is brilliant. Check it out!
7. Ellie Holcomb – Ellie toured with us last year and is an amazing person and singer. Her new album Red Sea Road is a must listen, especially the track “Living Water”.
8. This Is Us – If you’re like my wife and I, you have been crying like clockwork on a weekly basis for the last 6 months or so as you’ve watched the story of This Is Us unfold. While I (surprisingly) only cried a little during the finale last week, it was a great way to end this season and set up the next. This article (warning: SPOILERS) really sums up why we love this show.
9. Joy – I watched this film with the family last weekend. Directed by David O. Russel (Silver Linings Playbook), it is based on the true story of inventorJoy Mangano. While my daughters love Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games, I hope they model the drive and perseverance displayed by the title character of Joy. Truly inspiring film.
10. Book Mark! – My book doesn’t come out until September, so I’m using the next few months to do a little “spring training”. Send me an email at markleeofficial AT comcast DOT net. I’d love to come speak at your church or event!

That’s about it. Have a blessed Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a great weekend. Catch y’all next week!