I’m not sure who came up with the order for the weeks of Advent, and why “peace” is traditionally celebrated this week. But if you ask me, it’s absolutely perfect. Because we need as much peace as we can get. This week is anything but peaceful.

This morning I literally woke up stressed out. Where did all the time go? I’ve looked at December calendars before and they seem to be laid out the same as the other months, but it sure does feel like it skips from December 1st to December 20th. I still had Christmas shopping to do. I also had a mile-long list of errands and phone calls and work-related activities. And, oh yeah, one more little detail; my kids started Christmas break today.

I take great comfort in knowing that the Prince of Peace faced stress too. The world Jesus came into was not a peaceful one. There were wars and violence all over the place, just like there is today. And I’m sure people’s lives were in many ways as hectic then as they are now.

Jesus didn’t just die for us – he taught us how to live. And one thing he consistently did was to set regular time aside for prayer. On several occasions he is recorded as going away, often early in the morning, to pray.

We can follow Jesus’ example, spending time in prayer and adoration with God every day. Some traditions call this a “quiet time”, and for good reason. I believe that peace and quiet go hand in hand. Peace is one of those things that we can’t bring about by gritting our teeth and bending our will. We have to seek out that relationship with God, and peace will overflow as a result.

Even when it feels like you don’t have a second to spare, spend time with the Prince of Peace. He will make you peaceful.