“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” ~ Philippians 4:4

When the apostle Paul closed out his letter to the Philippians by saying “rejoice” not once, but twice, he wasn’t just driving home the importance of joy in the life of a Christian. Beyond that, he was setting an example for us all. We are supposed to be an echo of sorts.

God spoke creation into being. All the heavens above and the earth below were filled with that original song. He still speaks today. And he doesn’t just speak – he sings. The prophet Zechariah talked about how God rejoices over his people with singing.

Christmas is the loud crescendo of that tune, the loud and proud chorus of God’s song of creation. It commemorates the moment when he stepped into the picture and delivered us all, taking on the sins of the world and offering salvation and eternal life to everyone who believes.

God could have chosen to zap us up to heaven the moment we became Christians. But instead he has done the most amazing thing. He has let us be part of the story. We aren’t just spectators. He has made us his messengers on this earth.

Our job as Christians is to repeat the sounding joy. We are to act as God’s instruments on this earth, singing the song and proclaiming the Good News.

Jesus is coming.