We did an interview for Fox News recently, and at one point I am quoted as saying simply, “It’s a heart thing.”

In 1995, if you had asked me what my goal was as a musician, it was pretty simple. I had several friends who were in bands that toured. They would drive a van and trailer for 15 hours, do a show, and then drive back home. I thought that was the end all be all.

I had that one accomplished within a matter of months. It’s funny how God has bigger plans for us than we do for ourselves. But I had absolutely no idea that his plan involved us still making music in 2015. On one hand, I pinch myself every day because I am living out a Willie Nelson song, making music with my friends. But there is the sacrifice part. The missed field trip with my daughter. The missed school play. The goodbyes with my wife that you’d think would get easier but just get harder every time. All the moments that I’ll miss with my little ones while they’re still little.

I often ask myself why I keep doing this. The only answer I can come up with is that it’s a heart thing. Music is able to reach people like nothing else can. And we hear stories about it every night.

There was a drug addict in California who was given one of our albums in rehab. He is now a preacher.

There is a little boy in a wheelchair who can’t talk but who lights up every time he hears “You Are So Good to Me”.

There is a preacher in Macedonia who has translated our songs into his native language so he can share the message of Jesus.

There is a mom who was suicidal. She heard our song “Don’t Say Goodbye” and decided she didn’t want to say goodbye to her children.

And then there are my own stories. The people who started out as business partners and have become lifelong friends.

Those other guys who rode in that van with me all those years ago who are now closer than brothers.

Hearing my own daughters singing “Oh Lord, fill us with your Spirit” from the backseat.

It’s not about me. And it’s not about Third Day. It’s about God.

And it’s definitely a heart thing.