Tonight the Hampton Pirates are facing heavily favored Kentucky. A reporter asked the players if they were nervous. Without skipping a beat, center Emmanuel Okoroba delivered sheer gold.

“If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready. And we’ve been ready!”

What a great outlook on life this young man has! I want a Hampton Pirates t-shirt and a Hampton Pirates lunch box.

If you put in all the hard work and the preparation, if you go the extra mile, you will be ready when opportunity comes. It’s funny how luck seems to happen to people who work really hard.

Whatever activity you engage in, whether it be work or school, athletics or creative pursuits, think of what the big stage is for that. And get ready for it. Put in the work. Improve a little bit every day. When you get to the point where everybody else quits, keep going. Go to the breaking point if you have to. But keep on going.

At this point, you’re ready. Now stay ready. Always be practicing. Always be getting better.

Then when that big opportunity comes along, you don’t have to get ready for it. You’ve been ready.

What area do you need to “get ready”? What can you do to “stay ready”?

Oh yeah. One more thing. Go Pirates!