“You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it.” ~ Austin Kleon

The last time I left you, it was last year, and I was reading to my daughter. We’ve done a lot of reading since then. We finished The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander, then dove into The Chronicles of Narnia. Last night we started The Horse and His Boy. It seems Abbie is intent on finishing all seven of the Narnia books before we move on to anything else (as you can probably imagine, I’m totally OK with that!).

I’m sure entire books have been written about the benefits of reading with your kids, so I’ll spare the attempt here. But It’s been so fun reading with Abbie. Especially since we’re reading some of the classics that influenced me so much as a kid. And she actually wants to read them. All of them. I can’t begin to tell you how proud it makes me that Abbie is excited about these stories that have been a lifelong passion of mine.

And it hasn’t just been inspiring for Abbie. Something about great art makes me want to make art. Just as hearing a great band makes me want to “get the boys together”, great writing makes me want to write myself. Last night I felt like writing online for the first time in months, so I decided to tentatively dip my toe back into the blogging world. This post marks that first fledgling step. I won’t be as prolific as I was last year, I can assure you. And that’s probably for the best since I was probably writing at a faster pace than you guys were interested in consuming.

That lack of inspiration was one reason for my departure for sure. I think the other, for want of a better word, was that I lost my voice. It’s like I was trying to write what a blogger was supposed to write about. It felt forced and seemed a little too didactic, maybe even a bit preachy. Whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t me. So I quit. Not the best tactic if you’re interested in blog traffic, but if you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that’s beside the point anyway.

So look for some regular posting here. No promises on the frequency but posting nonetheless. And it should be fun, as I experiment around and find a voice I’m comfortable with. I’m going to start, of course, with talking about some books and influences – basically what’s been rattling around in my head these last few months.

Thanks for reading, and for putting up with my zaniness!