“Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you—majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” ~ Exodus 15:11

If God is good, then he has to be holy as well. Pure. Blameless. Without sin. Because he is holy and we are not, it creates a division between us and God.

Because of this division, holiness might be the most difficult aspect of God to understand. At first glance, it seems like God changed personalities from the Old Testament to the New. Passages referring to people being destroyed by God because of their sin are hard to reconcile with a God who is good. Yes, God is good. And because he is good, God is holy. And holiness cannot exist alongside sin.

But God had a plan. God so longed to restore his relationship with us that he sent Jesus to live out a holy, blameless life on earth on our behalf. When he died on the cross, he took on all the sin of the world. If we trust in Jesus, we are made holy in the eyes of God too. We can enter into his presence. We can be in relationship with him. We can know him.

For people on the outside of faith, they often stumble on the idea of sin. They instinctively know they can‘t approach God if they aren’t good enough, so they feel like they need to get their act together before they go to church.

But we don’t need to get our act together before we approach God. We need Jesus.

I am thankful that God is good. That God is holy. I am also thankful that because of Jesus, I can be holy too.

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