It is easy, on those days when things aren’t going the way you’d planned, to blame the circumstances. Frame yourself as the victim. Nobody will disagree with you or fault you. Life is hard.

The normal response when we don’t like the situations you’re faced with is to change them. You get a new life. But a funny thing happens. You get a new set of circumstances, and you will be stuck with a new set of problems. Wherever you go, there you are.

If you ever want to rise above the muck and the mire of life, you’ve got to acknowledge something else going on. Your response to all those things “out there” is based on what’s going on “in there”. People let you down because you expect too much out of them.

Behind all of your frustrations with the thorns and thistles of life, there is real pain and hurt. And you will never be able to get to those things and really deal with all that stuff “in there” until you get it “out there”.

Instead of going through the expensive, time-consuming, and ultimately unfruitful process of changing all the externals of your life, start the simple practice of “taking out the garbage” every morning. Write down everything you’re thinking about. And deal with it.

In a lot of cases, dealing with it will be as simple as writing it down and getting it out of your heart so you can make room for the new. Sometimes you will be inspired to act. You will want to have conversations or make small changes. But over time you will notice things change for the better.

All because of the simple act of getting it “out there”.