I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve fallen. How many times I’ve started a new Bible study or journal or songwriting program. Things go fine for a little while. Then life happens. Things get in the way. Very important things, mind you, like work and kids and album releases.

Change is hard. It is hard to give up bad habits. And it is equally (or more!) difficult to start new ones. I don’t think the key is starting. I think the real secret is starting over.

Yesterday we played in Akron. That’s where they started Alcoholics Anonymous. I think those guys are onto something. They’ve helped millions of people, one step at the time. If you fall down, no big deal. You get back up.

In Writing and Being, G. Lynn Nelson talks about the idea of “soft eyes”, where we don’t judge or blame ourselves when we look at our lives. We just observe.

I committed to blogging every day for the month of March. I made it three days. I was probably being a little optimistic to take on something new the same week we release a record and start a tour. And it was Stephanie’s birthday.

But here I am, still chugging away at it. Maybe I should start over and do 31 more days starting now. If I fall again, I’ll start over with a new set of 31 days. Either way, I’ve committed to a whole lot of blogging. And if I get through it, I’ll give you a virtual high five and move onto the next thing.

Speaking of getting back up, have you fallen off of one of your goals? Have you abandoned your New Year’s Resolution before the weather’s even changed? Now’s the time to get back up again! Use the comments section below to hit the reset button on your goals!