For just a minute, you walked ahead of me. You were out on your own.
(You would never admit it, but I think you were having fun, too!)
As your father, I was so proud that you were stepping out. That you were doing something all by yourself.
But as your Daddy, it broke my heart. Just a little.

For just a minute, I saw into the future.
You’re ten now. You’re halfway grown up.
This is what it’s going to be like from now on. In so many ways.
You’ll take a few tentative steps on your own, then you’ll come back.
One day, you’ll get the hang of it, and you won’t need to come back to Daddy.
But I hope you’ll want to.

For just a minute. If you ever need to be a little girl again. I’m here.
If you ever need a hand to hold, or a friend to talk to. I’m here.
Or sometimes you may even need a shoulder to cry on. I’m here.
Daddy’s always here.
Cheering you on. Every step of the way.

For just a minute, we get to walk on this earth together.
I hope you remember the times we’ve had together as good times.
I hope the steps you take inspire others.
I hope one day you show your kids how to walk the right way. It’s not always the easy way.
But it’s the good way.
I hope your steps leave a mark. Forever.
Because we’re only here.
For just a minute.