Stephanie and I have found the perfect small group at our church. We meet at a pizza place. It is loud. Everybody has kids and people are popping in and out all the time to take kids places or go pick them up. But I have gotten more out of this small group than just about any other I’ve ever been in. Our motto might have something to do with it.

Embrace the chaos.

On my ideal days, I get so much done. I take kids to school. I go to the gym. I come home and get work done on all kinds of creative projects. I have lunch with Stephanie, then go for a hike. Then I pick the kids up from school and we have dinner as a family and a quiet evening at home.

The problem? These ideal days only roll around five or six times a year.

What gets in the way? Well, pretty much everything. I play in a band that tours. When we’re not touring, we are in the studio for weeks on end. Even when I’m not busy with the band, other things come up. Summer vacation. Spring break. Christmas break. Snow days. Sick days. All these things are good, but they stand in the way of this ideal day from ever happening.

While I didn’t really do any New Years’ resolutions this year, I made an informal commitment to myself that I would take the “embrace the chaos” idea out of my small group and into other areas of my life. This blog is a perfect example. I’ve written posts on planes, on buses while watching a movie with my bandmates, and in dressing rooms after the show. I’m typing this one while I’m watching my kids at tennis practice.

The “no matter what” nature of this little blog challenge I’ve been doing has really helped with that. Instead of waiting for the ideal day, any old day will do. Instead of waiting for the perfect idea to begin writing, I just begin writing and let the ideas emerge on their own.

The funny thing is that I can’t really tell a difference in quality between these posts and the “ideal day” posts.

I’m now looking for other areas to embrace the chaos. This could work in so many areas. Work, exercise, dieting, creative projects, time spent with family, and household chores are a few things that come to mind. Do a little brainstorming and you might come up with some other areas.

If you have any more thoughts or ideas on “embracing the chaos”, let me know in the comments below!