Whenever we think about change, it’s go big or go home. This is a lovely thought, except for one thing. We almost never follow through with it. Because it’s just too big, too much, too different for us to be able to handle.

But what if change was like, well, change? You know – you buy something, they give you a few coins back and you put them in your pocket. You then go home and throw them in a jar. You don’t really even think about it, but over time that jar fills up. You take it down to that little change counter thingy at the grocery store (man I wish I’d invented that thing!) and what happens. You are always amazed at how much money you had in that jar.

If we treated change like, um, change, then we’re not doing a complete overhaul every time we go to exercise. We’re just going to run for twenty or thirty minutes. We’re not going to write a novel every time we sit at our writing desk. It’s just a page or two.

But then a funny thing happens. All those little times you went and exercised add up. All the times you chose writing over Welcome Back, Kotter add up. And next thing you know it, you’ve changed.

All those small things add up to big things.

Can you do it? Can you spare some change?