The other day we were playing at a church in Calgary that had a bookstore. I love finding bookstores when we’re on tour, but it’s a lot easier when the bookstore finds me. I came across a couple of books I had never seen before, and thought they were interesting. I didn’t really have a lot of time as we were leaving to drive to Banff, so I left, thinking it might be kind of cool to look for these books later.

About halfway back to the bus, I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew – I just knew – that I needed to go back and get these two books. So I walked back into the bookstore, got the books, and took them to the cash register. Lo and behold, the Canadian credit card machine didn’t like my American Express, or my debit card for that matter. Befuddled but determined, I walked back to the dressing room area and borrowed some cash. And came back and bought the books.

I just finished the first one and it was absolutely amazing. Probably the most influential book I’ve read so far this year. I dove into the second one, and it seems promising as well.

So here’s my question. When I felt that knowing that I needed to go back and get the books, was that from God? When I was having the trouble making the purchase, was everything going all Frank Peretti on me? Was it spiritual warfare, where forces of darkness were trying to prevent my purchase?

Or did my difficulties signify that I wasn’t supposed to buy the book? If this feeling was from God, shouldn’t he have paved the way for me to buy these books easily?

Or secret option 3: maybe none of it was from God. Maybe the feeling of knowing was in my head. Maybe the trouble with the credit card machine was just that, and would have happened whether I was buying spiritual books or peppermints.

What do you think?