I resisted getting an Apple Watch for a LONG time. I kept telling myself that as soon as somebody said something along the lines of “You gotta get one,” then, well, I’d get one. That never happened. But then my wife surprised me with an Apple Watch as a late Christmas present.

I’m sure you’re now wondering the same thing. Do you need one? The simple answer would be no. It doesn’t do a single thing that a smartphone already does.

But after having an Apple Watch for several weeks, I’m telling you this. You gotta get one.

Here are a few reasons why I love mine:

  1. It’s a watch – If you’re like me, you haven’t worn a watch since the early 2000’s. I used to LOVE watches. I was a big Swatch fan, and wore one in some form or fashion from middle school on. When I started carrying a cell phone that had a perfectly good clock on it, a watch suddenly felt redundant. Beyond any kind of utility, my Apple Watch has reminded me that watches are fun. You can customize the look of the face to your liking, and even switch between several different faces on the fly. My super cool Swatch couldn’t even do that.
  2. It tells the weather – Weather in Georgia can be downright schizophrenic, particularly in winter. Every morning I have to check the weather to see if my kids need a coat. I used to have to turn on the TV. Then I had to look it up on my phone. Now a simple glance at my watch gives me the current temperature, conditions, and today’s high and low. Hourly weather would be even better – I’ve heard you can get it through third party apps – but for now I’m liking what I’ve got.
  3. Hands free control of music – I have to be honest. While I don’t text and drive, I have been guilty on multiple occasions of switching out the music while driving. With my Apple Watch, I can say “Hey Siri, play some Third Day” (shameless plug!) and voila! Third Day starts playing in my car. Pretty nifty. And I don’t risk life and limb in doing it.
  4. It gets me moving – The Apple Watch does a pretty good job of tracking how many calories you’ve burned, how much you’ve exercised, and how much you’ve been standing up. It displays these things in three colored circles that fill in throughout the day. Let me tell you – this works. I HATE not closing in my circles. On multiple occasions I’ve gone for a walk at 11:30 PM to get my exercise in. I’m sure the folks at Apple are letting out a collective maniacal laugh right now, but who cares? I’m exercising more. It works.
  5. Hands free texting – For the same reasons as number three, it’s great to be able to dictate a text hands free. I still don’t do so while driving, but it’s super easy to respond to a text next time I’m at a stoplight. This brings me to number 6.
  6. I don’t have to look at my phone (unless I want to) – This is such a subtle thing, but you don’t realize how much you pull your phone out of your pocket until you don’t have to. In addition to the aforementioned checking the time, checking the weather, responding to texts, I used to pull my phone out multiple times a day for a myriad of reasons. The Apple Watch cuts that number way down. I now only get out my phone and look at it when I want to.
  7. It doubles as a great nightstand alarm clock – I had no idea about this until I got it, but this might be my favorite. You plug the Watch into its charger and lay it on its side, and the display changes to that of an old school digital alarm clock. It’s not annoying though – the display goes away after a few seconds. And you can turn it back on with a nudge. In the middle of the night, I’ve found that if I simply touch my nightstand, the display will turn on. If you set an alarm, the clock will gradually brighten for about 5 minutes before going off. It really works, and I’ve found myself relying on the snooze way less.

There are many, many other great uses for an Apple Watch. It works great in tandem with navigation apps on your phone. It makes using Shazam to discover new music a total breeze. You can use third party apps to dictate notes and journal entries to yourself. And that’s just scratching the surface. Wait no – you don’t want to scratch the surface. Cause it’s a watch and you don’t want to – never mind.

No, you don’t need an Apple Watch. But if you get one, you won’t know what you ever did without it.