ESPN has been doing this thing for the last few years. If you go to their website to check the score of a football game, you can see a chart showing the percentage chance either team has of winning the game.

And it’s not just the odds at the beginning of the game – it happens in real time. You can watch a team punt the ball and their chance of winning goes from 60% to 59%. Maybe they should have gone for it on fourth down.

A few years ago in their annual rivalry with Georgia Tech, Georgia scored a touchdown with 18 seconds left. At that moment, their chance at victory was over 99%. A squib kick, a quarterback scramble, and a long field goal later and the game was tied. Georgia ended up losing the game in overtime. So much for 99%.

If that technology existed in first century Palestine and tracked the life of Jesus, it would have been pretty interesting. Actually it would have been pretty boring, because his chance at victory would have always stayed at 100%. Even when he was tempted by the Enemy in the wilderness, it stayed at 100%. When he weeping after the death of his friend Lazarus, it was 100%. After being arrested, beaten, and put to trial before Roman and Jewish authorities, it stayed at 100%. And yes, even when he died that tragic death on a cross, it never wavered. He had a 100% chance of victory.

Through it all, Jesus never lost faith in God the Father. He never had any doubt that he would accomplish his mission on earth, defeating death in the process. And because of Jesus, we can also have 100% faith and 100% confidence. The victory has already been claimed. It was over before it even started.

All he asks in return is for us to take up our cross and follow him. 100% of the time. With 100% of our lives. If we give him 100%, we have a 100% chance at victory.

Next time you are feeling down and out and defeated by whatever life may throw your way, know that you can have 100% faith and confidence in Jesus. He has walked this path before and paved the way to victory.


I like those odds.

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