I always wonder what a newcomer to Marietta thinks about when they’ve been given directions that include “Turn left at the Big Chicken.”

“Big Chicken? Who do they think I am, telling me to turn at a – oh wait, look – there’s a 55 foot chicken. I guess it’s time for me to take a left.”
In Marietta, the Big Chicken is a landmark we use to give directions.

God has given us all landmarks to navigate our way through life. We are all wired differently, and we’re from different backgrounds and live in different situations. But we’ve all been given gifts and talents and friends and experiences to serve as landmarks in our lives.

When times are tough, we can lean on these people and gifts and experiences to get through. After my accident in high school, I played guitar all the time as sort of a coping mechanism to survive .

When things are going well, landmarks often show up as gifts and talents we can use to serve God and encourage others.

They’re not obvious to us like a 55 foot chicken. Landmarks go way beyond that. In fact, they’re so obvious to us they can become blind spots. We need others to help us find our landmarks. And often childhood is the place to look for them.

For me it involved things like playing violin and going to church. For you it could be something entirely different. Maybe cooking or teaching art or working on cars or fishing with your Dad.

If you’re ever in Elberton, Georgia, and you drive south on Highway 17 for about 10 miles, you’ll go through a tiny little community called Fortsonia. There used to be several service stations there. One of them, Chandler Madden’s Grocery and Service Station, which we simply referred to as Granddaddy’s Store, was a landmark for me. It’s long since closed now, but you can still see the basketball goal where me and my cousins played quite a bit of Horse and Around the World growing up.

Later it would serve as a landmark for my wife Stephanie and I early on in our relationship.

In the third episode of the HURT ROAD Podcast, Stephanie and I talk about all this and much more. We discuss Chapters 4 and 5 of HURT ROAD, which discuss landmarks as well as calling. This is good, because I don’t think you can discuss one without the other.

Also, there is a contest hidden in this episode. You have to listen to find out about it. After you hear about it, take the quiz HERE, then send us an email at markleeofficial AT comcast DOT net!

Listen to the podcast, and let me know what you think about it! And while you’re at it, pick up a copy of HURT ROAD so you can follow along…