“…and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby.” ~ Revelation 4:2-3

During the Advent season, we rightfully turn our attention to the baby in the manger. But we must remember that the manger is not the starting point. The starting point is a throne in heaven.

The most wonderful, the most loving, and the most mysterious thing in history was when Jesus left that throne in the sky so that he could enter into our story in the lowliest of ways. Born to teenagers who had nowhere else to go, nowhere else to turn. He walked this earth as a boy and later a man. He surely got tired. Frustrated. Sad. Confused. All those human emotions we struggle with every day. He was one of us.

And through the cross and resurrection, one of us has paid the price. One of us has taken on the sins of the world. One of us now sits on the throne of the universe. And whenever we get tired, frustrated, sad, confused, we know that the One who sits on the throne has been through all of that too. Whenever we, like Joseph and Mary, have nowhere else to go and nowhere else to turn, he is there for us.

The baby in the manger is now a King who sits on the throne in heaven. And one day we will join him. That is reason for hope indeed.