Be the best version of yourself

While I am not a huge basketball fan, I love March Madness. Now I am NOT athletic – far from it. But something about the numbers and the seedings and the statistics scratches my analytical [...]

My influences right now

I love talking about influences. We got where we are today by standing on the shoulders of giants, and it is always a good exercise to name those giants from time to time. It helps us move [...]

Get it out there

It is easy, on those days when things aren’t going the way you’d planned, to blame the circumstances. Frame yourself as the victim. Nobody will disagree with you or fault you. Life is [...]

Telling stories

“Just because we have cars and buses shouldn’t mean we forget how to walk. And just because we have books and television sets shouldn’t mean we forget how to tell [...]

The magic of beginnings

“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” ~ Meister Eckhart My daughter and I were watching one of those hoarding shows. [...]

Your spiritual autobiography

I remember learning about different categories of books when I was in third grade. Fiction was not real, and nonfiction was not not real. Um, yeah. Something like that. At any rate, the book [...]

What do you believe?

I just finished reading Max Lucado’s wonderful book On the Anvil. One of my favorite passages is a chapter called “Putting Your Beliefs Where Your Heart Is”. Max encourages his [...]