God is in the Lemonade Business

A while back I received another great question via Facebook Messenger*: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” The absolute best answer I can come up with is “I don’t know”. I wish I had a [...]

Cruise With Me in Alaska!

This is me hanging out near a glacier in Alaska. The only thing missing from this picture is YOU! This summer, I am honored to be going on the WAY FM Alaska Cruise with my good friends for KING [...]

Jesus or Barabbas?

I’ve been thinking about Barabbas a lot this week. Stephanie and I were talking to the girls about the significance of Palm Sunday the other day. Stephanie raised an interesting question: how did [...]

Live the mystery

A few years ago I went back to school online. My major was Christian Studies, and it was a real joy to go through the Scriptures and other Christian writings, learning the foundations of my [...]