For Abbie on her 10th birthday

  For just a minute, you walked ahead of me. You were out on your own. (You would never admit it, but I think you were having fun, too!) As your father, I was so proud that you were stepping [...]

Your chance to interview me

I don’t know. Maybe I was bored. Whatever the reason, I threw out a simple question on Facebook yesterday. Several hours of fun ensued. I got asked quite a few goofy questions, several [...]

Your spiritual autobiography

I remember learning about different categories of books when I was in third grade. Fiction was not real, and nonfiction was not not real. Um, yeah. Something like that. At any rate, the book [...]

What do we do with our deepest fears?

Last week I mentioned my fear of hurting my hands. As a guitar player, it wouldn’t take more than a slip while doing the dishes to cut myself badly enough that I couldn’t play. And I [...]

First things first

I found this post while trolling through my archives*, and it seemed to be the next logical step after this post and this one. So I’m re-posting it today. Hope you dig it… I had an [...]

Dealing with stage fright

I turned 40 earlier this year. To commemorate the occasion I’m doing a series of posts highlighting valuable lessons I’ve learned in my time on this planet. In downtown Holly Springs, Georgia, [...]